Teach for Life: NVC Educators Institute offers an immersive curriculum of Nonviolent Communication principles and practices applied to a classroom setting.

Teach for Life! is designed for Pre-K through University-level classroom instructors.

Teach For Life: NVC Educators Institute

The NVC Educators Institute includes:

  • Facilitating group agreements that inspire cooperation
  • Navigating conflict successfully
  • Increasing empathy in the classroom
  • Building restorative systems
  • Creating a network for ongoing support


This is the dream that launched the first NVC Educators Institute in Olympia, Washington, in the summer of 2001, and continues to inspire Institutes each summer since.

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  • Young people, empowered with vision, hope and effective tools for creating peace.
  • Students resolving conflicts nonviolently.
  • Classrooms that are safe and caring communities, fostering understanding, respect and cooperation.
  • Our future leaders, with the skills necessary to create organizations, businesses, governments, and a world where everyone’s needs matter and can be met.